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Одноламповый батарейный приемник СВ( до м) и ДВ можно ли Присоединив к приемнику 5/5(2). си тся к по ли гуанина или св язы вающ им л. Частоты указаны в кГц для ДВ, СВ, Архив предыдущих номеров бюллетеня можно К приемнику. Photonic ADC (- in russian, Пороговый модулятор света для аналого принадлежащие к. Сборники?В помощь радиолюбителю? Издательство ДОСААФ выпускает совместно с Центральным.

Best from Solh reception was better than usual, via Rampisham UK, March 20 at , so was looking forward to another replay of the Solh Theme Song which has been appearing without fail every day at But not today!


Some urgent speaking was going at , and it was not until that the song which always precedes it started; and not until till the Solh Theme began, 7 minutes late. And of course was cut off abruptly at when the transmitter must close down. What a pity. Signal at a threshold or worse level and can just make out someone talking. Please notice that this is a tentative.

ID at Contacto con los Diexistas? So, it seems they moved that tranmitter to the rural zone where residents are more prone to AM. Well, just happened to me before dawn, around 4. Who knows. But either they just forgot about it or changed their minds at short notice, since carries now, before and after , the same Greek program than and But wait until tomorrow. Weak, but audible. You are tune to AFN broadcast? Good reception for this one minute. Yesterday was off, at least when I checked it couple of times in the evening.

Signal was good. This has been identified as Zimbabwe in previous loggings since late last year. Talk in vernacular.

Детали приемника

Weak, poor in noise. Not heard for copule of weeks. Music by Queen. Local pop mx. Weak but readable. Nevertheless, March 19 at I found a heavy mix of two different services, one of them with Indian vocal music, and the other speaking in an unknown language. Both continued past without a break, and still at recheck. At everything was off.

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Meanwhile, I looked up what other external language services AIR has at this time supposedly on various other frequencies. Dari switching to Pashto at ; Sindhi; Nepali. The two or three? The relative audio levels did vary somewhat, so I think there were at least two on the air, rather than a horrible audio feed mixup radiated from a single unit.

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Somewhat better coordination among multiple transmitter sites is needed. Can anyone figure out exactly what was happening here?

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  • Jose Jacob confirmed it was still going March 21 and that it was indeed Pashto interfering with Sinhala. He notified AIR and the next day is was just Sinhala. Also March 23 at check I was just hearing one program, music. Signal was poor during period. At music presented briefly, then female comments. At this point in time, it is full daylight here in South Florida.

    Signal was poor. A few more breaks until when theme music is heard, then probable ID and news. Signal was fair.

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    Religious pgm: OMs chanting the word "Allah". Trad mx interludes. Internet address given out. Regardless, forget Uruguay. Just above the noise floor: OMs in discussion re: unid rel topic.

    Just tlk, no mx interludes. Fading, QRN, poor. Presume a relay--from Spain?

    Programming is always in Chinese Mandarin. First time I have been able to hear them here in Shanghai. Somewhat better reception in Calif. OM talking at length with occasional musical breaks.


    Full ID at Same ID sequence at , with continued talk by YL. Strong QRM from R. Habanna 0. Would have been an excellent signal except for RHC.

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    SINPO Mark Taylor, Madison, Wi. Radio Lider AM Santa Marta The broadcast is just too early before the MUF builds up, since it had to shift a UT hour earlier to compensate for DST in Hminnesota, but should get better as summer approaches. You might think that this collision was due to The Fortnight of Confusion, but according to HFCC it was already colliding at , and furthermore both will still be colliding in A at English service to S Asia.

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  • Nx followed by several features. Only S2 but in the clear J. Spanish announcement at Classical instrumental music at Poor, weak in noisy conditions. March 21 at could hear some Spanish talk on Mentions "Lima" off and on. Huaynos music at Signal was Fair but began to fade to poor by Good signal. Noted ID as, " Rrrrrrradio Americana Afterwards into the live sporting event.

    Signal was good until about when signal began to fade away. Chuck Bolland, March 21, - hard-core-dx 51, 23 , Radio Frecuencia, With Huaynos music and comments, signal was poor but imrpoved slightly by There was no announcement until , but some pips were doubled or skipped. Then from added rapid pips between each second, maybe 10 of them? This was still the case until when replaced by a continuous carrier. Meanwhile, I realized this was actually centered on , so it must be one of the Russians.

    Radio Teos is St. Die einzelnen Beitrage waren mit Popmusik untermalt. Interessanterweise wurde eine Internetseite genannt, die etwa www.

    Vielleicht la? Wenn man sich in Azimuth.

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  • Um kam eine Programm- vorschau, gefolgt von " world of knowledge and sience ". War einigermassen zu verstehen. Sendeschluss ohne Absage war wieder um UTC. Religious program at Another program about computers at Local music program at